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Whether you own or lease the equipment, proper maintenance pays off for everyone. The most common bearing failure is a damaged grease seal due to over pressurization while manually greasing. An automatic lubrication system minimizes pressure and provides metered grease to all points while your equipment is in operation. When all bearings are properly lubricated, you can expect an extended service life of your equipment and avoid unexpected costly repairs and downtime. Tired of crawling under or over equipment to service hard-to-reach lubrication points? Our automatic system takes care of the work for you.

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SureShot Lubrication Kit

The SureShot system delivers a positive measured shot of grease to each connected lubrication point through a single manually-fed grease fitting. Just mount the block in a convenient location and route the pre-filled tubing to each lubrication point. Then, walk up to the block and grease your entire vehicle or machinery.


MultiPort II Lubricator

The MultiPort II Lubricator is an electrically driven multiple outlet lubrication unit designed primarily for use with progressive divider valve systems to accurately control the amount of grease and to monitor system performance via an integral controller.


PVBM Progressive Valve

The corrosion resistant PVBM Divider Valve dispenses lubricant to as many as 20 outlet lines at operating pressures up to 3600 psi. This compact valve can be located near the lube points to accurately dispense grease automatically to the entire machine. Valves are available with cycle indicator pins to provide visual confirmation of system operation. In addition, the cycle pin can be fitted with a switch to provide electrical feedback to a system controller.

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