Keeping your costly mining equipment protected from the extreme environments it operates in is essential for efficient performance. An automatic lubrication system is a fundamental part of extending gear and pinion life leading to reduced costs of component maintenance. With unmatched lubricant delivery accuracy, our systems increase your output and production uptime. Optional custom enclosures are available for “plug-and-play” installation, along with stand-alone design that can be retrofitted with ease. We offer the industry’s only intermittent spray lubrication system to monitor both lubricant and air flow to the nozzle tip, ensuring you always have the right amount of lubricant at the right time.

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M2500G Valve

M2500G Series Divider Valve Manifolds are the principal components of a progressive lubricating system. Modular construction makes these blocks easy to install, modify and maintain, without removing any tubing.  The Zinc-Nickel plated steel body ensures longer life in nasty environments.


Spray Lance

Spray systems are used to lubricate large gear and pinion sets, found on ball mills, rod mills, kilns, etc. Each systems includes an air operated pumping station, a measuring valve panel, a spray nozzle, electrical controls, and a number of optional features. Gear face widths of 2" to 42" can be lubricated with nozzles and nozzle spacing designed accordingly. Since Bijur Delimon gear spray systems operate intermittently they can be thought of as film maintaining devices. The electrical controls provide broad cycling flexibility as well as fault monitoring and after blow to purge the nozzles.


Barrel Pump

Air-operated barrel pumps are used where medium to heavy duty service conditions exist and rapid build-up of lubricating system pressure is desired in either air-operated central stations or bulk transfer of lubricants. These pumps are normally used to transfer lubricants from original refinery drums to the reservoirs on central lubrication systems.


Oil Circulating Systems

Bijur Delimon design and support teams work closely with customers to ensure our Oil Circulating Systems achieve the system performance levels required. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the complete engineered design solution. Using the latest CAD technology and 3D modeling, our designers ensure all specifics are met with precision without ever compromising the systems efficiency or the manufacturing process. With over 70 years of experience, our dedicated team will work with you from concept to completion.

Keep your equipment running efficiently during the most critical time of the year.


Keep your equipment running efficiently during the most critical time of the year.


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