Wind Turbine

Heights and strong winds make maintaining wind turbines demanding and specialized work. A wind turbine lubrication system from Bijur Delimon is built to increase the time between turbine maintenance visits to eight to twelve months. We have developed a lubricating system kit for use on wind turbines and windmills, which is tested as a system before shipment. Many kits include prefilled grease lines and even prefilled reservoirs straight from our factory, helping you to avoid using a substitute grease that is not suitable. With lubricating systems on wind turbines in the US, Canada, and Brazil, Bijur Delimon has become a leader in providing automatic lubrication systems to the wind energy industry.

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Proactive Lubrication Maintenance

Wind turbines experience wear and tear from severe environmental factors and structural and mechanical failures, which contribute to the essential need for a proactive lubrication maintenance program. For a reliable wind turbine, many lubrication points are critical to maintain, including the gearbox, generator bearing, open gear, pitch gear, pitch bearing, rotor shaft, yaw bearing, yaw gear, and the hydraulic systems.



MultiPort II Lubricator Pump

Robust and reliable even when used in vertically rotating systems
Easy installation with pre-integrated distributor and control
Easy monitoring of all functions
Optional interfaces for communication availability
Designed to handle a wide range of lubricants
Progressive and Injector versions available

Gear Pinion

Metering boreholes arranged at different levels assures an even film of lubrication on the tooth flanks
Easy installation and handling
Low maintenance requirements
Can be integrated into almost every lubrication system and adapted for various applications

Suction Element SLE

Regular and reliable transportation of used grease using system pressure, even at low temperatures with cold climate versions
Easy and fast servicing with only one central container for used grease
No overfill or exchange of small grease bottles
No pressure rise in the bearing

CXL2 Injectors

External adjustment by replacing fixed discharge caps with no special tools required
Each injector features a visual indicator pin for simple inspection and troubleshooting
Positive displacement - no under or over lubrication at individual lubrication points
One lubricant supply line means lower installation cost
Corrosion resistant for harsh environments

PVBM Divider Valve

Flexible design allows for on-site configurations
Valves available in sizes ranging from 6 to 20 outlets
Positive displacement discharge
One switch monitors complete system
Valves are corrosion resistant

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