Downtime should only be a planned event at your convenience. With an automatic lubrication system that properly lubricates your equipment, you don’t have to worry about the costly effects of improper routine maintenance. Correct lubrication of components leads to reduced chain wear that improves accuracy, equipment life, and provides better overall performance. Our compact, stand-alone automatic lubrication system design can be retrofitted with ease for your application. Ensure your production goals are exceeded by minimizing the effects of unscheduled downtime.

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TM-5 Pump

The TM-5 lubricator is a fixed discharge cyclic pump that is motor-driven. The compact unit incorporates adjustable discharge. It is ideal for small machines and easily handles up to 10 or 50 lube points. Pump cycle time is controlled by an integral gear reduction in the motor.


L5P Pump

The L5P Lubricator is a manual, one shot lubricator of spring discharge type that is operated by pushing the operating handle down, which raises a piston and compresses a spring. Releasing the handle automatically discharges oil into the system. Oil viscosity does not affect discharge volume, but may affect system pressure.


Meter Units

Meter units are oil proportioning devices for cyclic systems. Each outlet of a lubricating system is controlled by a meter unit. The lubricator in the system dispenses known amounts of oil to the distribution network and meter units deliver this oil in varying amounts to the bearing points.

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