Sugar Mill Equipment

For efficient operation, sugar mills must focus on improving operating costs and reliability. An automatic lubrication system plays a vital part in ensuring consistent uptime in operation. Our Dualine systems were developed nearly a century ago and are proven to be the most reliable method to deliver heavy greases over long distances. Proper lubrication of sugar mill equipment brings longer life to your machinery by protecting your essential components. You can rely on an automatic lubrication system to reach all necessary grease points to reduce overall wear.

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DC42 Central Station

DC41 and DC42 stations can supply either oil or grease to such installations as bar mills, billet mills, blast furnaces, and sintering machines. The two systems differ in the way they alternately pressurize and relieve (reverse) the two supply lines as well as in the way they control maximum system pressure and end the lubrication cycle.


Spray Lance

Spray systems are used to lubricate large gear and pinion sets, found on ball mills, rod mills, kilns, etc. Each systems includes an air operated pumping station, a measuring valve panel, a spray nozzle, electrical controls, and a number of optional features. Gear face widths of 2" to 42" can be lubricated with nozzles and nozzle spacing designed accordingly. Since Bijur Delimon gear spray systems operate intermittently they can be thought of as film maintaining devices. The electrical controls provide broad cycling flexibility as well as fault monitoring and after blow to purge the nozzles.

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