Bijur Delimon has partnered with some of the largest machine tool makers in the history of the industry. The expertise we have gained working with these OEMs has helped us compile a product range that fits what the machine tool industry demands. From automatic and manual pumps to meter units and adjustable injectors, Bijur Delimon has the total package.

Not only do we manufacture products that have been tried and tested in the field, we have a capable support team ready to assist you.

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Bijur Delimon Single Line Resistance Systems are compact, economical and simple to operate and maintain.
A precisely controlled discharge of oil is delivered to each point while the machine is in operation.
The system provides a clean film of oil between critical bearing surfaces to keep friction and wear to a minimum. Box ways and seal wiper life are extended and production efficiency is maintained.



A Bijur Delimon automatic lubrication system begins with a self-contained motor driven pump that is designed to operate at pre-determined regular intervals. This is controlled by a built-in timing mechanism.

Flow devices or meter units proportion the oil to the bearings or friction points. Bijur Delimon offers numerous sizes to deliver the optimal quality of oil to each bearing or surface.

Bijur Delimon also offers a full line of tubing, junctions, adapters, clips and connection hardware to complete the distribution network. All components are available for immediate shipment from our large inventory.

Please contact the experts from Bijur Delimon for assistance in converting your Knee Mill to an automatic lubrication system.

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Genuine Bijur Delimon components will provide you a better experience without the disappointment, hassle and expense of a poor fit.
Inventory available for immediate shipment.
Quality Bijur Delimon componenets from the originator of single line resistance systems.

TM5 Lubricator

The TM-5 is a fixed discharge cyclic pump, electric motor driven, compact unit incorporates adjustable discharge. Ideal for small machines - easily handles up to 10 or 50 lube points. The pump is a motor-driven piston pump spring discharge type. Pump cycle time is controlled by an integral gear reduction in the motor. The lubricator can be actuated manually by raising and releasing the instant feed button.


Meter Units

Meter units are oil proportioning devices for cyclic systems. Each outlet of a lubricating system is controlled by a meter unit. The lubricator in the system dispenses known amounts of oil to the distribution network and meter units deliver this oil in varying amounts to the bearing points.

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