Bijur Delimon has partnered with some of the largest machine tool makers in the history of the industry. The expertise we have gained working with these OEMs has helped us compile a product range that fits what the machine tool industry demands. From automatic and manual pumps to meter units and adjustable injectors, Bijur Delimon has the total package.

Not only do we manufacture products that have been tried and tested in the field, we have a capable support team ready to assist you.

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Minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs by keeping all machine axes and spindles running at peak levels.
Easily replace your existing systems and their hard to find spare parts and components. Numerous configurations and additional mounting holes allow increased compatibility with competitor products.
Low level switch for fail safe operation.
Lubrication outlets on either side for easy installations.
Convenient terminal block provides fault-free electrical connections.


Large capacity fill cap with built-in strainer minimizes contamination.
Plastic and metal reservoirs are available in 2L, 3L, 6L and 12L capacities.
Precise and accurate supply of clean lubricant to the right place at the right time.
Multiple control options available for all models including terminal strip and timer or full digital control with enhanced software for monitoring of switches and inputs.
Capable of handling oil (20 to 1500 cSt) and soft greases (NLGI 000, NLGI 00).
Lubrication points can be easily added to or removed from a system.
Multiple voltage options:
Single Phase: 100/115VAC, 200/230VAC, 24VDC
Three Phase: 230/480VAC

SureFire II with Controller

The SureFire II Lubricator is an automatic, robust and durable pump. Its compact size is designed to fit your space requirements and lubrication demands. The SureFire II Lubricator is a self-contained electric motor-driven gear pump that can adapt to a broad range of production machinery. The PDI version can handle oil or fluid grease for single injectors or injector groups serving up to 100 lubrication points. The SLR version uses oil to supply resistance fittings or resistance fittings groups serving up to 100 lubrication points. The SureFire pump’s versatility also allows it to perform with other lubrication system types and multiple applications.


ZEM Injectors

The ZEM Series injector line are positive displacement injectors (PDI) that deliver precise and controlled lubrication outputs which meet exact requirements for diverse applications. They are pre-fixed volumetric injectors that help ensure each lubrication point receives the proper amount of lubricant. Which means you won’t have to worry about over or under lubrication.

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