October 4, 2021


Bijur Delimon is pleased to announce a software update to our SMAC Controller. Updates include activating lubrication based on inputs from the host machinery in place of time intervals, and changes to Low Level Polarity and Low Level Alarm Lock settings.

New key enhancements are:

  • Machine Count Input allows SMAC to activate lubrication based on inputs from the host machinery in place of time intervals; this may be useful in applications where the number of machine cycles varies over time, such as stamping presses.
    • Similar to the now-obsolete SS2200 Controller, the low-level switch contacts (terminal 5 and 6) are used for machine count input, and the user can select the count interval during setup (Idle Time options FC4, FC5 and FC6).
    • User can choose either Low Level Monitoring or Machine Count Input, but not both. If both features are needed, please consider our SC400 Controller.
  • Low Level Polarity selection in the Advanced Setup Menu allows SMAC to receive a level switch signal that either closes on low level (default) or opens on low level.
  • Low Level Alarm Lock selection in the Advanced Setup Menu determines whether the low level alarm is automatically reset once the reservoir is refilled (default) or whether the user must press the R button to acknowledge the refill.

Datasheet #46912 has been revised (Revision 5, dated 9/21) to reflect these changes.

110VAC SMAC units (part number 22361-E2) shipping after October 1, 2021 include the software update.

220VAC SMAC units (part number 22361-E1) will be updated in the near future.

Please direct any technical inquiries to a Bijur Delimon Application Engineer at 1-800-227-1063.

September 14, 2020


Starting November 1, 2020, Bijur Delimon will begin a new accounting initiative with changes to our invoice and payments process.

Moving forward, all Bijur Delimon invoices will be emailed instead of mailed. The Bijur Delimon accounting team will be notified automatically when an email invoice has been received. Please assist Bijur Delimon in verifying that the proper individual and/or department is listed to receive email invoices.

All payments to Bijur Delimon will be made exclusively by ACH. The details (accounts, contacts, confirmations, etc.) for the Bijur Delimon payment by ACH will follow in a direct/secure correspondence to our individual customers. Please alert your Accounts Payable department, corporate finance team, and banking entities of this change in Bijur Delimon policy.

September 14, 2020


We are proud to announce the most recent enhancement in the popular MultiPort II product line. The MultiPort II is now certified at an IP69K rating.

With this rating, the pump meets the highest protection available. The MultiPort II is built to prevent dust from entering the equipment and can withstand close-range high-pressure and high-temperature spray downs. The MultiPort II pump has undergone testing to ensure the product is durable, resistant, and meets the industry's highest standard.

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