1. Pricing for 2021

    In our continuing effort to provide innovative solutions to our Customer’s needs for lubrication systems and oil cooling systems, Bijur Delimon has expanded its global applications and engineering capabilities. We have maintained a constant focus on providing superior product and service quality, efficiency and productivity across all of our business operations.

  2. Changes to Invoice & Payment Procedures

    Changes to Invoice & Payment Procedures

    Starting November 1, 2020, Bijur Delimon will begin a new accounting initiative with changes to our invoice and payments process.

    Moving forward, all Bijur Delimon invoices will be emailed instead of mailed. The Bijur Delimon accounting team will be notified automatically when an email invoice has been received. Please assist Bijur Delimon in verifying that the proper individual and/or department is listed to receive email invoices.

  3. MultiPort II Certified IP69K

    MultiPort II Certified IP69K

    We are proud to announce the most recent enhancement in the popular MultiPort II product line. The MultiPort II is now certified at an IP69K rating.

    With this rating, the pump meets the highest protection available. The MultiPort II is built to prevent dust from entering the equipment and can withstand close-range high-pressure and high-temperature spray downs. The MultiPort II pump has undergone testing to ensure the product is durable, resistant, and meets the industry's highest standard.


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