Single Point Lubricators

Single-point lubricators are simple in design, but very effective at delivering grease or oil to your bearing lubrication point. By using different springs, users are able to estimate the time it will take to run the unit to empty. The on-demand technology makes it impossible to predict the exact date, but the clear reservoirs make it easy to visually assess the lubricant level at any time. Once the reservoir is filled and the unit is connected to a bearing, the single-point lubricator uses Venturi action to discharge lubricant only when the bearing is in motion. This benefits manufacturers that will have some planned machine downtime, because over-lubrication is eliminated. Because the single-point lubricator only generates 1-5 psi it will not blow bearing seals. Lubricant discharge is immediate when the vacuum is created from the bearing.

Environmentally-minded manufacturers will appreciate the refillable feature of these single-point lubricators, since the unit can remain mounted on a bearing, with just pennies of grease to top off the reservoir. And any grease can be used in these units, so grease used in other applications on the plant floor can be used.

For more information, view our LubeSite® Systems brochure.

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