Lubrication Systems Overview

In a study conducted by a major component manufacturer, it was determined that over 50% of bearing failures were the result of improper lubrication. Inadequate lubrication and bearing contamination were the two biggest contributors to improper lubrication.

Automated lubrication systems can end the "feast or famine" conditions associated with manual lubrication. Too much lubrication creates safety or environmental hazards while too little lubrication causes bearing friction and wear. An automatic lubrication system ends this cycle by applying smaller amounts of lubricant frequently while the equipment is running. This keeps your machine in the "Optimum Lubrication Zone".

Manual lubrication constantly introduces contaminants to the bearing causing premature wear and failure. The closed system design of an automatic system keeps contaminants out allowing for longer bearing life and less downtime.

Please contact Bijur Delimon's experienced team of regional sales managers and application engineers. They can help you determine which system is best for your application.


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