System description : Progressive Systems

System description : Progressive Systems

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Centralized lubrication systems with progressive distributors preferably serve the lubrication of machinery. The lubrication capacity is up to approx. 100 lubrication points per system. The systems are suitable for grease and oil

Example of application

Machine tools, packing machinery, presses, punching presses, cutters, woodworking machinery, etc.

Mode of operation

Progressive distributors distribute the lubricant to the lubrication points connected to their outlets, in small metered quantities progressively in a given sequence. When the last lubrication point has been supplied, the process of lubrication automatically starts again at the first lubrication point. If lubrication is interrupted at any point, because the pump is switched off or the delivery line is blocked, it continues from the same point when the system is re-started.

Outstanding features

  • Low investment costs, since only one main feed line, a simple pressure and relatively distributors are required.
  • A number of lubricant groups with progressive distributors can be connection to a single pump if isolating valves are used, and they can then be connected to the system or isolated individually.
  • Simple monitoring of operation by means of a movement indicator on the distributors, or remote monitoring.
  • Distributors of small dimensions.

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