System description : Multiline Systems

System description : Multiline Systems

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Using the multi-line system, centralised lubrication systems can be used for lubricating individual machines and small groups of machines or appliances. In the multi-line system, the lubricant is delivered by the pump in metered quantities through several outlets. Each lubrication point is connected to the pump by its own line.

Maximum number of lubrication points:

The design of the lubrication pumps, limits the maximum number of lubrication points which can be supplied by direct line 32. A further increase in the number of lubrication points is possible if progressive distributors are used.

Maximum length of line:

The maximum permissible length of line from the pump to any lubrication point depents on the characteristics and pumpability of the grease, the size of the feed line, the delivery pressure of the pump, the rate of flow and the operating temperature, and as a rule from 20 to 40 m is acceptable. If the lines are too long, the line resistance will exceed the pump pressure.

Example of application

Presses, punching presses, cutters, excavators, cranes, lifts, conveyors, machine tools, packing machinery, pumps, blowers, turbines, building construction machinery, rock crushers, briquetting presses, coke crushers, woodworking machinery, etc.

Mode of operation

Each lubrication points has its own line connecting it directly to the pump. The lubrication pump develops the pressure necessary to pump the lubricant and overcome the back pressure and it meters the quantity of lubricant required for each lubrication point. The lumbricant pumped through any particular line can be delivered up between a number of lubrication points if required, by incorporating a progressive distributor.

Outstanding features

  • In many cases it is possible to drive from the machine to be lubricated, which enables a separate control system to be dispensed with.
  • With most types of pumps, metering of the quantity at the pump separately for each lubrication point.
  • Continuous operation of the pump with very small quantities of lubricant.

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