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In today’s steel mills, maximum production and optimum quality are keys to success. Though the ingredients to achieve those goals are numerous, proper lubrication is a key part of the equation and one that can greatly improve productivity and maintain quality. The wide range of Bijur Delimon products for commercial steel lubrication means you can tailor a lubrication system to your exact needs. From a Farval® Dualine pump and feeder valves to a Singline progressive system, we have the solution for you. Bijur Delimon has been manufacturing centralized lubrication systems and components since 1923, which is why we are the leader in steel production lubrication.

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What's New in Steel Mill Lubrication


Protect your lubrication system from the harsh environment it operates in with enclosures.

Custom enclosures and panels include assembly of your system allowing for "plug-and-play" installation. Protect your system's mechanical and electrical components from dust, dirt, oil, water, and other contaminants.

Featured Products


DD Valves

DD Valves are dual line valves that are completely hydraulic in operation. They will deliver either oil or grease, are fully and individually adjustable in regard to discharge quantity and are equipped with operational indicators. Each DD valve serves two bearings. However, by a simple method of cross-porting, it will serve one. For example, a four-valve block can actually serve anywhere between four and eight bearings.


Central Stations

CS2000, DC41 and DC42 stations can supply either oil or grease to such installations as bar mills, billet mills, blast furnaces, and sintering machines. The two systems differ in the way they alternately pressurize and relieve (reverse) the two supply lines as well as in the way they control maximum system pressure and end the lubrication cycle.


DS405 Monitor

Protect your equipment by capturing critical performance data of your automatic lubrication systems. Low flow rate alarm prevents a bearing being starved of lubrication and failing. High flow rate alarm prevents the overfilling of bearings and lubricant spilling out. Programmable warning and alarm levels for up to 24 bearings with each monitor.


Lube Point Monitor

The 55105 Lube Point Monitor is an accurate oval gear mechanism that incorporates two magnets into one of the nylon oval gears. The body incorporates a reed switch, which senses the magnet passing. Lubricant entering the 55105 causes the gears to rotate. Each pulse equates to an approximate displacement of 0.040 cu. in. (.65cc). The monitoring of the 55105 is done with DS405 or any PLC. The feedback from the 55105 will assure that lubricant has reached the inlet of critical lubrication points.


Dualine Indicator Pin Monitor

The Dualine Indicator Pin Monitor utilizes high quality sensors with built-in LEDs. The sensor will read movement of the Dualine Indiciator Pin during each lubrication cycle. This ensures that lubricant has reached the Dualine Valve. It will allow the user to monitor Dualine valve/pin operation remotely from any PLC.


Oil Circulating Systems

Bijur Delimon design and support teams work closely with customers to ensure our Oil Circulating Systems achieve the system performance levels required. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the complete engineered design solution. Using the latest CAD technology and 3D modeling, our designers ensure all specifics are met with precision without ever compromising the systems efficiency or the manufacturing process. With over 70 years of experience, our dedicated team will work with you from concept to completion.

Keep your equipment running efficiently during the most critical time of the year.


Keep your equipment running efficiently during the most critical time of the year.


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