Lubrication Solutions for
Pulp & Paper

Lubrication Solutions
for Pulp & Paper

Stationary equipment used in lumber and wood operations are exposed to tough environments including sawdust, moisture, heat, and continuous operation. Utilizing automatic lubrication increases uptime by protecting bearings and other components. In many mills, the operator is left to monitor machine lubrication, while also performing their normal duties. With an automatic lubrication system, the need for an operator to be within the work zone is eliminated, resulting in a safer work environment. Our system fully stands alone with on-board controls or ties in to your existing controls. By properly lubricating your bearings with a steady flow of lubricant, the bearings are kept cool, which reduces the risk of fire. Improve your mill production up-time and increase profits with an automatic lubrication system.

Need a system designed
for your application?

Need a system designed for your application?


Featured Products

FL Injector

FL Injectors

FL injectors are positive displacement grease dispensing valves. Viton O-rings are standard to protect against high heat and synthetic lubricants. The injectors are interchangeable with major competitive brands. They come available in standard or 300 series stainless steel.

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Oil Circulation System

Oil Circulation Systems

Designed for the optimum lubrication of bearings, gear trains, and other processes requiring oil for lubrication and cooling. These units are manufactured to fill the need for a relatively simple, inexpensive, yet reliable system where a custom design is not required.

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