Lubrication Solutions for Heavy Off-Road Equipment

Your heavy equipment investment is significant, the equipment is large, and it operates in extreme and demanding conditions day in and day out. An automatic lubrication system can maximize your equipment’s life and help to avoid unforeseen equipment shutdowns. The system greases every point while the equipment is in operation, maintaining a constant seal at the friction points creating a grease barrier to protect and prevent contaminants from entering the wear surfaces. No manual intervention is required to reach the lubrication points, allowing for increased operation safety. Save time and keep your employees safe with an automatic lubrication system that increases your equipment life and helps you avoid costly repairs. Can you afford not to install a system?

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The automatic greasers for heavy equipment lubricates every point while your equipment is in operation and maintains a constant barrier at bushings preventing dust and dirt from entering wear surfaces.
Increased safety as there is no need to crawl under or over equipment to service hard-to-reach lubrication points.
Adding an automatic lubrication system increases equipment life by decreasing wear on vital components.
Automatically greasing heavy equipment extends service life, reduce operative costs and lubricant costs.

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MultiPort II Lubricator

MultiPort II Lubricator

The MultiPort II Lubricator is an electrically driven multiple outlet lubrication unit designed primarily for use with progressive divider valve systems to accurately control the amount of grease and to monitor system performance via an integral controller.

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PVBM Divider Valve

PVBM Progressive Valve

The corrosion resistant PVBM Divider Valve dispenses lubricant to as many as 20 outlet lines at operating pressures up to 3600 psi. This compact valve can be located near the lube points to accurately dispense grease automatically to the entire machine. Valves are available with cycle indicator pins to provide visual confirmation of system operation. In addition, the cycle pin can be fitted with a switch to provide electrical feedback to a system controller.

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