Bijur Delimon has partnered with some of the largest machine tool makers in the history of the industry. The expertise we have gained working with these OEMs has helped us compile a product range that fits what the machine tool industry demands. From automatic and manual pumps to meter units and adjustable injectors, Bijur Delimon has the total package.

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Need help implementing an automatic system? Contact an expert.

Need help implementing an automatic system? Contact an expert.

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Improve machining and finish due to precise oil delivery, reduce vibration and noise.
Reduce oil and air consumption by up to 90% compared to mist oilers.
Reduce airborne oil mist smoke, contamination of coolant and improve environment.
Custom panels and enclosures available.



Oil Streak Generating Unit from Bijur Delimon International delivers high-efficiency lubrication and cooling for high-speed spindles and other surfaces requiring accurate oil deliveries. Air/oil lubrication allows for minimal lubricant delivery on a continuous basis, reducing oil consumption and keeping the bearing surface clean and free of contaminants. The unit can be retrofitted to high frequency spindles designed for mist or air/oil injection systems and offer value and features found on more expensive systems.

The advanced design delivers precise amounts of lubricant and eliminates residual drift of oil fog or mist during operation.

The unit utilizes a specially-designed positive displacement injector (PDI) with oil outputs to a close tolerance level down to 0.01cc/cycle. This permits exact oil volumes to be discharged into an air mixing valve. Controlled air and oil is then discharged through clear plastic tubing to critical bearing points.

A small intermittent discharge from injectors flows along the inside tube wall and stretches out along the length of the tube. Air expansion at nozzle tip delivers controlled spray (not mist) to bearing for optimum performance.

Oil Streak Panel

Oil Streak Panel

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