Lubrication Solutions for
Chain Conveyor Applications

A reduction in chain wear improves accuracy and provides better performance. An automatic lubrication system is essential to the protection of chains and aids in the significant increase of overall chain life. Our unmatched precise lubricant delivery prevents over lubrication leading to increased output and production up-time. The accuracy of our systems ensures only the required amount of lubricant is used, which reduces waste creating an environmentally friendly application. With no sophisticated controls required, our systems are fully stand-alone with an on-board timer, or can tie into your existing controls.

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Significantly increases chain life.
Reduced chain wear improves accuracy and provides better performance.
No sophisticated controls required. Fully stand alone with on-board timer or ties into existing controls.
Environmentally friendly. Reduces waste.
Optional enclosures available for "wash down" CIP conditions.
Increased output and production up-time.
Precise delivery.
Prevents bearing contamination.
Cooling of lubricated parts.
Unmatched lubricant delivery accuracy.
Includes low oil switch, integral timer with optional oil pressure switch.


Drag Line Chain
Roller Chain 25-240
Double Pitch
Conveyor Chain
Small Pitch Conveyor Chain
Large Pitch Conveyor Chain
Transmission Chain



AirMax - Pneumatic Pump

AirMax - Pneumatic Pump

The AirMax is a simple economical lubricator, ideally suitable for air-oil systems. The AirMax is supplied with a 3 liter reservoir, pressure gauge and oil inlet filter with the options of a oil pressure switch, low level switch, solenoid valve, and timer.

The AirMax comes complete with a pumping unit and a integrated air-oil injection system. The required number of oil injectors and the delivery on each port can be selected from the smart number.

The AirMax includes an air actuated, spring return piston pump. The inlet air pressure supply to the pumping element determines the output oil pressure. When used with positive displacement injectors (PDI) the minimum oil pressure should be 260 psi (18 bar).

For extended service, incoming air must be dry. Always use a suitable FRL unit (filter/regulator lubricator) to control the inlet air supply to the pumping unit (set air to recommended operating pressure). The AirMax pumping unit is cycled using a 3/2-way solenoid valve (typical cycle; 5 seconds "on" and 30-300 seconds "off").

A continuous air supply is required to the air-oil injection block and it should be separately regulated to control the air-oil flow rate to the lube point.

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