Changes to Invoice & Payment Procedures

Changes to Invoice & Payment Procedures

Starting November 1, 2020, Bijur Delimon will begin a new accounting initiative with changes to our invoice and payments process.

Moving forward, all Bijur Delimon invoices will be emailed instead of mailed. The Bijur Delimon accounting team will be notified automatically when an email invoice has been received. Please assist Bijur Delimon in verifying that the proper individual and/or department is listed to receive email invoices.

All payments to Bijur Delimon will be made exclusively by ACH. The details (accounts, contacts, confirmations, etc.) for the Bijur Delimon payment by ACH will follow in a direct/secure correspondence to our individual customers. Please alert your Accounts Payable department, corporate finance team, and banking entities of this change in Bijur Delimon policy.

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