Single Line Systems

KI Lubricator

The KI Lubricator one-shot lubricating system is pre-set by the machine manufacturer for best operation. These lubricators are spring discharge piston pumps mounted in a reservoir on the machine. Pulling out the tee handle to...

L13 Lubricator

Perfectly suited for use with Positive Displacement Injector (PDI) systems. A single action manual piston pump with a robust plastic reservoir.

L18P Lubricator

High output push level adjustable piston pump. Handles up to 100 lube points.

L2P Lubricator

Pull action, fixed output piston pump. Avaliable for machine sump mounting or supplied complete with reservoir.

L5H Lubricator

The L5H Lubricator includes a spring return piston pump. When the tee-handle is fully raised, a predetermined volume of oil fills the cylinder and the pump spring is compressed. Releasing the handle forces oil into the...

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