Distribution Elements

DDM/SDM Modular Valve

Modular dual line valves allow you to specify individual discharge amounts within a dual line block. Each module fits onto a manifold (up to 20 outlets per manifold) to give you the most versatile dual line solution in the...

DM Valve

Dual line valves that are completely hydraulic in operation, will deliver either oil or grease, are fully and individually adjustable in regard to discharge quantity, and are equipped with operational indicators.

DR4-5K Reversing Valve

The DR4 Reversing Valve alternates the flow of lubricant thru the lines of Dual Line systems so that lubricant is directed first to one supply line then the other, during system cycles. The reversing action is automatic,...

FD Series Divider Valve

Designed for use with progressive oil or grease systems, these valves are of steel construction with Viton O-rings standard.

FL-1 Injector

Higher injector outputs make these units well suited to satisfy lubrication needs of medium and large machines.

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