SS4500 Controller


The SS4500 Controller is designed to operate, control and monitor all types of lubrication systems. The unit is programmed by the customer in the controller's set-up mode. The unit prompts several questions about the system and the customer tailors the SS4500's operating mode by entering data relating to the lube system they have designed.

At a distance the customer can determine the controller's operating mode and the lubrication system's status from the LEDs. If more detailed information is required a quick glance at the LCD will provide information concerning the SS4500's operating status. Two fault relays are provided to alert the customer to a controller/lubrication system fault condition (problem) or loss of power to the SS4500. Two other relays are provided to connect the contacts of one relay to an AC device such as a warning light or horn and the contacts of the other relay to signal a DC device such as a PLC.


This product is obsolete. This information is for reference purposes only. Replaced with SC400 Controller.

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