Bijur Delimon to Be at WindPower Expo 2008

Largest wind power show in North America will showcase new products mixed with current offerings

[Morrisville, NC – May 1, 2008]  Bijur Delimon International, a global leader in centralized lubrication systems and components, today announced it will be exhibiting at the WindPower Expo 2008 in Houston from June 1-4. This marks the first time the company has attended the WindPower Expo.

With a handful of new products in development and in production, Bijur Delimon International is poised to enter the wind power industry with a splash. Visitors to booth 2262 at the WindPower Expo will see the products that make up the wind power offering.

“As the demand for alternative energy grows, so does the need for lubrication systems to keep wind turbines running smoothly,” Jim Carse, North America Sales Manager said. “Our products are flexible enough to be used in a variety of industries, and wind power is one where we are a natural fit.”

The products that will be on display at the exposition include:

Dynamis electric lubricator: The newest Bijur Delimon lubricator, this compact and robust unit can rotate 360 degrees for use in the blade hub or anywhere else on a wind turbine.

TTN electric lubricator: The TTN lubricator is a rugged, compact, electric, motor-driven lubricator. It has a large reservoir, on-board controller/monitor and a small footprint, so it can be mounted easily in tight spaces.

MultiPort: The little brother of the TTN lubricator, this lubricator has similar motor characteristics and features a wiper blade or follower plate to keep lubricant well-mixed in the reservoir

PV-B and MV-B divider valves: Used to divide lubricant from the lubricator and deliver it to each lubrication point. The MV-B is a manifold-type progressive divider valve available in sizes ranging from 6 to 20 outlets.

“This is an exciting time to be in the wind power industry,” Scott Batchelor, North America Marketing Manager said. “With over 150% growth expected over the next five years, the market will continue to explode in North America. Our products will make a significant contribution to this growth.”

For more information on Bijur Delimon's wind power solutions, download the new brochure:

Brochure #IND3: Wind Power Industry Solutions





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