Bijur Delimon Announces Systems for Packaging

Complete systems makes lubrication easier and more efficient

[Morrisville, NC – July 1, 2006]  The Bijur Delimon International exhibit (Booth # N-5550) at Pack Expo International 2006 in Chicago (October 29 – November 2) will feature a substantially upgraded packaging machinery lubrication line, with improved products that last substantially longer and provide greater lubricating precision. Bijur Delimon International''''s systems approach to packaging machinery lubrication encompasses a broad range of lubricators, injectors and divider blocks, as well as accessories and controllers.

“Our packaging machinery lubrication systems offer multiple choices of best-in-class components as confirmed by extensive laboratory and field testing,” said Jim Carse, National Sales Manager for Bijur Delimon International.

While the company has previously sold ExactoServe® and series progressive-type systems for packaging machinery under its brand names of Bijur and Farval, the components of the new systems have been improved and will now be branded under the Bijur Delimon International umbrella. All products are still available for purchase from Bijur and Farval.

“We want packaging machinery customers to know there are lots of different options for them,” Scott Batchelor, Marketing Manager said. “Whether they need to lubricate 10 or 100 points, we can spec a system that meets their requirements.

Featured Products Include:

New FL Series Injectors: Engineers at the company have substantially redesigned the company''''s FL Series of positive displacement lubrication injectors (part of the ExactoServe range) to achieve 400,000 lubrication cycles without leaking or failing. This is about two to four times longer than comparable units currently in use in the packaging industry.

Improved M2500 Block: Another component of Bijur Delimon International''''s offering for packaging is the M2500 series progressive lubrication block. Engineers have improved bore control and piston fit for more consistent operation, while also improving the aesthetic quality of the valve sections by machining critical, visual surfaces.

Improved Lubricators: The SureMatic pneumatic and MultiPort electric lubricators have been updated as well, with performance noticeably better than previous versions.

SS2200 Remote Timer: The optional SS2200 remote timer gives users complete control over the lubrication process, including the frequency and quantity of lubricant delivered.

For more information, contact: Jim Carse, National Sales Manager, or Scott Batchelor, Marketing Manager, at 919-465-4448. Visit Bijur Delimon international on the web at: www.bijurdelimon.com.

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