DS & DSP Series Lubricators


The DS Series motorized oil/grease pumps are piston discharge pumps driven by DC motor, controlled by a controller or PLC (not included). The DS pump has small-volume, large-output flow and power-off load relieving functions. It can be used in series progressive lubricating systems and in single line resistance systems (SLR) for light industries, forging machinery, etc.

The DSP Series Lubricator is a motorized oil/grease piston discharge pump driven by DC motor, controlled by a controller or PLC (not included). The DSP Lubricator outputs oil or grease continuously through reciprocal piston movement actuated by motor and trasnmission mechanism. It can be used in positive displacement injector (PDIDI) systems for light to medium industries, forging machinery, etc.

These products are obsolete. This information is for reference purposes only.
Replaced with JS & JSP lubricators.



Our brands

  • Bijur
  • Delimon
  • Farval
  • LubeSite Systems, Inc.
  • Delimon Denco Lubrications

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