Constant Level Oilers


The Denco Lubrication Oiler maintains a constant lubrication level in a bearing housing or gearbox automatically making up lubricant usage from its back-up reservoir.

The oiler is based on the simple air compensation principal. As the oil level in the bearing falls, so does the level in the body of the oiler.

This fall in level uncovers the bottom of the chamfered feed tube of the oiler and air is admitted into the oil reservoir. An equivalent amount of oil is permitted to escape from the reservoir down the oil feed tube to the body of the oiler, restoring the pre-set oil level and sealing off the air feed tube.

This sequence is repeated whenever the level of the oil in the bearing or sump fall and will continue until the reservoir is empty.

The clear transparent reservoir allows the level of oil remaining in the reservoir to be monitored and replenished before this occurs.

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