CXL Injectors & Manifolds

Designed for use in single line high pressure automatic grease systems, CXL2 Injectors deliver precise volumes of lubricant at predetermined intervals.

DS Series Lubricator

The DS Series motorized oil/grease pumps are piston discharge pumps driven by DC motor, controlled by a controller or PLC (not included). The DS pump has small-volume, large-output flow and power-off load relieving functions. It...

Dynamis Maxx Lubricator

Dynamis Maxx Lubricators are electrically driven piston pumps designed for use with series

progressive systems. These lubricators can be fi tted with up to three independent or combined piston

elements providing positive...

G Lubricator (Mini)

The Mini G Lubricator is a push type piston pump and is operated by an external eccentric cam.

GPO Lubricator

The GPO Lubricator is a motor-driven gear pump that is designed for use with single line centralized lubricating systems utilizing progressive distributors or injectors. Standard features include: liquid level indicator, pressure...

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