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Oil Systems

Oil Systems

Denco are renowned world-wide for centralised grease and oil lubrication systems, oilers and mill roll coolant systems. Centralised lubrication systems give the user the benefits of reduced contamination, a safer working environment, lower maintenance labour costs and extended plant life. All these factors contribute to uninterrupted production vital in today's highly competitive market.

Grease lubrication systems are designed to be built on the machine or plant to be serviced using correctly sized pumps, metering valves and pipework together with an electrical system controller to inject optimum quantities of lubricant at pre-set intervals. Although equipment can be installed by a third party, to provide fully guaranteed operation, installation should be carried out by a Denco team of skilled fitters. 

Recirculating oil systems are custom designed to suit a wide viscosity range of lubricating oils. They deliver excess lubricant to remove friction heat and to purge bearings, gears etc., of wear contaminants. A system will include the oil reservoir, pumps, filter, oil cooler, control valves and instrumentation necessary to provide a safe, continuously operating process. 

Denco constant level oilers are fitted to petrochemical pumps, fans, gearboxes to provide a back-up reservoir capacity for maintaining lubricant level at all times. Mill roll coolant systems deliver filtered, cooled oil/water emulsion or kerosene to the spray nozzles on rolling mills to remove the heat introduced into the metal by the metal deforming process. 

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