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We know that it makes more sense economically to keep an existing customer than to win a new one. That is why we work to improve our service every da. After all, we want to do you good and we prove it, for example:

in how centralised lubrication and cooling can be used in all kind of companies so effectively and efficiently that you can save cash. The magic system, now reality, is "Total Lubrication Management": incorporating spare-part service, retrofit service, maintenance service and also training and instruction courses.

All personnel provided by Denco Lubrication Ltd will be competent, responsible and suitably trained to ensure they have a good understanding of the basic lubrication concepts and principles.

The core duties of the lubrication technician will be to

  • Apply and monitor usage of lubricants and greases on all specified equipment
  • As above for electrical motors
  • Operate the computerised lubrication schedule if applicable
  • Conduct routine oil and filter changes and greasing/oiling routines
  • Maintenance of centralised lubrication systems as applicable
  • Manage lubricant stocks
  • Remove waste oil to storage areas
  • Apply safe control of lubricants.
  • Reporting of lubrication routine including jobs completed, work re-scheduled, lubricant usage and defect reporting etc.

Our Lubricant Technicians will note every task as either completed, not completed and if abnormal quantity of lubricant was required and report any faults that maybe encountered during the course of their work.

Denco Lubrication Ltd will provide the customer with a Lubrication and Condition Monitoring Service to meet the needs of jointly agreed programmes, as identified, with the opportunity to review based on the scope of work on the anniversary of the agreement.

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