Single Line Resistence (SLR)

Airmatic Lubricator

Adaptable air operated unit can be used with all centralized lubrication types. Ideal for all sizes of machinery.

G Lubricator

The Type G lubricator is a sealed piston pump that can be fed from an independent oil reservoir.

G Lubricator (Mini)

The Mini G Lubricator is a push type piston pump and is operated by an external eccentric cam.

HAP-P Lubricators

Push lever piston pump that develops significant discharge pressures to handle medium & large machinery.

High Pressure Filter

The bowl and filter elements can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement.

HIP-P Lubricator

Pull handle piston pump. Adjustable outputs to adapt to various individual machines.

KI Lubricator

The KI Lubricator one-shot lubricating system is pre-set by the machine manufacturer for best operation. These lubricators are spring discharge piston pumps mounted in a reservoir on the machine. Pulling out the tee handle to...

L18P Lubricator

High output push level adjustable piston pump. Handles up to 100 lube points.

L2P Lubricator

Pull action, fixed output piston pump. Avaliable for machine sump mounting or supplied complete with reservoir.

L5H Lubricator

The L5H Lubricator includes a spring return piston pump. When the tee-handle is fully raised, a predetermined volume of oil fills the cylinder and the pump spring is compressed. Releasing the handle forces oil into the...

XL5P Lubricator

The L5P Lubricator is a manual, one shot lubricator with a 1 pint reservoir.

Meter units

Oil proportioning devices for cyclic systems.

Oil Metering Kit

Resistance-type meter unit selection, complete with all necessary tubings and fittings.

Quick Connect Meter Units

Quick Connect Meter Units are oil proportioning devices for cyclic systems. Each outlet of a lubricating system is controlled by a meter unit.

TM-1 Lubricator

TM-1 Lubricators are used with single line resistance type centralized lubricating systems. These systems utilize cyclic delivery meter units to proportion oil discharged from the lubricator.

TM-5 Lubricator

Fixed discharge cyclic pump, electric motor driven, compact unit incorporates adjustable discharge. Ideal for small machines - easily handles up to 10 or 50 lube points.

TMD-5 Lubricator

Fixed discharge cyclic pump, electric motor-driven units available in various reservoir capacities, broad range of cycle times offered, up to 30 lube points.

V3 Lubricator

A continuous delivery motor-driven gear pump ideal in single line resistance systems.

V5 Series Lubricator

Continuous output motor-driven gear pump with built-in by-pass valve is easily adjusted to meet the lube needs of a broad range of machinery.

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