Special Lubrication Products

The Air-Oil Injector Block Assembly is available with one to eight Positive Displacement Injectors(PDI). Each outlet has an individual air fl ow needle valve. These blocks deliver a precise amount of oil into a controlled air fl...

Fluid Flex

Pressurized dispensing system designed for maximum efficiency, accuracy, and control when dispensing virtually any fluid used in manufacturing or process industries.

HyperFormance Panel

System delivers high-efficiency lubrication and cooling for high-speed spindles and other surfaces requiring accurate oil deliveries.

HyperFormance Chain Pin System (part #32496-1)

The HyperFormance Chain Pin System is an economical lubricator package that delivers precise oil droplets to chain pins for improved machine performance.

LubeSite SAVER Oilers

The SAVER line of economical oilers provide a low-cost alternative for those who require performance at a low price and don’t need the security of a metal base.

Lubri-Trak Lubricator

Designed primarily for top drive horizontal carousels.

Mist Lubricator

The Mist Lubricator is a complete and fully automatic unit.

MPA Micro Pump

The MPA micro pump is a pneumatically operated miniature piston pump used to deliver lubricant in small, metered quantities.

Oil Recirculation System

Oil Recirculating Systems are not only used to pump oil to bearings or gears to lubricate them but also to purge them of wear debris and, if necessary, to remove heat introduced into the oil by power losses due to...

Oil Streak products

The new line of Oil Streak air-oil systems by Bijur Delimon combine the best of all worlds in a clean looking, precise, simple to use "plug & play" format, designed to outperform all competition in your most demanding high speed...

RAILJET Wheel flange lubrication

When underground trains, trams and railway trains run from one station to the next with a low noise level, this is often due to Railjet, the mobile wheel flange lubrication system of BIJURDELIMON. It reduces to a minimum friction...


Air operated vacuum or gravity fed device collects leaking fluids from hydraulic seals and other moving points. Fluids are collected to a central reservoir for disposal or reuse. Models available for single or multiple point...

SPIN-REV Lubricator

The SPIN-REV Lubricator eliminates residual drift of oil fog or mist during operation.

StaTrack 1000

StaTrack pump cabinets are employed in stationary track lubrication systems and represent the basic equipment for applying a special rail lubricant to the running surface of the rail heads, the flanks of the guard or side rails...

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