Manual Pumps

DA Lubricators

DA Lubricators are manual grease and oil, double-action piston high pressure pumps.

G Lubricator

The Type G lubricator is a sealed piston pump that can be fed from an independent oil reservoir.

HAP-P Lubricators

Push lever piston pump that develops significant discharge pressures to handle medium & large machinery.

HIP-P Lubricator

Pull handle piston pump. Adjustable outputs to adapt to various individual machines.

KI Lubricator

The KI Lubricator one-shot lubricating system is pre-set by the machine manufacturer for best operation. These lubricators are spring discharge piston pumps mounted in a reservoir on the machine. Pulling out the tee handle to...

L100P Lubricator

The L100P Lubricator is a manual grease pump for Series Progressive systems.

L13 Lubricator

Perfectly suited for use with Positive Displacement Injector (PDI) systems. A single action manual piston pump with a robust plastic reservoir.

L18P Lubricator

High output push level adjustable piston pump. Handles up to 100 lube points.

L2P Lubricator

Pull action, fixed output piston pump. Avaliable for machine sump mounting or supplied complete with reservoir.

L5H Lubricator

The L5H Lubricator includes a spring return piston pump. When the tee-handle is fully raised, a predetermined volume of oil fills the cylinder and the pump spring is compressed. Releasing the handle forces oil into the...

XL5P Lubricator

The L5P Lubricator is a manual, one shot lubricator with a 1 pint reservoir.

LubeSite 200 Series Greasers

Polycarbonate reservoir & base for general applications where minimal vibration is encountered.

LubeSite 300 Series Greaser

Polycarbonate reservoir with metal base for use in applications with shock & vibration.

LubeSite 404 Greaser

Disposable feeder pre-filled with grease - no mess, no fuss unit for minimal vibration applications.

LubeSite 500 Series Greasers

Rugged metal base grease feeder for corrosive resistance applications where vibration is encountered.

LubeSite 704 Greaser

High temperature application grease feeder units available pre-filled with selected lubricants.

LubeSite Chain Oilers

Adjustable drip flow oiler with dispersing brush to extend chain life. Flat & round brushes available.

LubeSite Drip Oilers

Integral needle valve provides operator controlled drip feed rates. Built-in sight feed shows oil flows to bearings.

LubeSite Gravity Feed Oilers

Maintains a controlled oil level in oil lubricated bearings. Also used as an oil level indicator on reservoirs.

Lubesite MCP-5 Lubricator

This manual oiler for SLR systems is available in both left- and right-hand setups.

LubeSite Wick Oilers

Delivers precise oil feed to bearings. Various wick densities control flow.

Manual Grease Gun

Heavy duty hand operated pistol grip grease gun with cast iron pump head. All models accept standard 14 oz grease cartridges and can be bulk filled by suction.

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