Versa II SLR Lubricator


The Versa II SLR Lubricator is an automatic, robust and durable pump that can handle oil. Its compact size is designed to fit your space requirements and lubrication demands. The Versa II SLR Lubricator is a self-contained electric motor-driven gear pump that can adapt to a broad range of production machinery. It can handle resistance fittings or resistance fittings groups serving up to 100 lubrication points. Its versatility also allows it to perform with other lubrication system types and multiple applications.

Obsolete product components

  • Versa II SLR Lubricator part #23951 and #23951A replace lubricator part #19349
  • Versa II SLR Lubricator part #29017 replaces lubricator part #20476

Our brands

  • Bijur
  • Delimon
  • Farval
  • LubeSite Systems, Inc.
  • Delimon Denco Lubrications