PulseFire Lubricator

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The PulseFire lubricator is a hydraulically operated, spring return, piston pump. It is operated from the hydraulics of the host machine, and is typically plumbed into the line of a hydraulic actuator which is operated regularly on the machine. On each cycle of the hydraulic actuator, the oiler will dispense the quantity of lubricant stored by the stroke of the pump. The stroke may be adjusted from a maximum delivery of 15cc down to Occ. A graduated, brass screw is provided to enable a quick user-friendly adjustment. The lubricant is drawn into the oiler from a separate reservoir by the suction generated on the return stroke of the pump. The oiler is equipped with 8 outlet ports, offering the user precise metering of the oil to 8 lubrication points, when used in conjunction with metering units of the 60886 family. Unused outlet ports simply remain plugged. Unit is compact, but extremely robust as it has steel construction capable of withstanding all types of external, harsh environments. It is particular suited to agricultural equipment, where in conjunction with metering units and brushes, is the ideal choice for lubricating drive chains.


  • Compact rugged design
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Multiple outlets, 1-8
  • Mounted vertically
  • Reservoir mounted remotely

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