Brush Assemblies

Brush assemblies are suitable for lubricating various moving machine components and are ideal for low-heat applications.

L100P Lubricator

The L100P Lubricator is a manual grease pump for Series Progressive systems.

LubeLine Refill Kit

The LubeLine Refill Kit is specifically designed to refill hard to reach LubeSite units.

LubeSite 200 Series Greasers

Polycarbonate reservoir & base for general applications where minimal vibration is encountered.

LubeSite 300 Series Greaser

Polycarbonate reservoir with metal base for use in applications with shock & vibration.

LubeSite 404 Greaser

Disposable feeder pre-filled with grease - no mess, no fuss unit for minimal vibration applications.

LubeSite 500 Series Greasers

Rugged metal base grease feeder for corrosive resistance applications where vibration is encountered.

LubeSite 704 Greaser

High temperature application grease feeder units available pre-filled with selected lubricants.

LubeSite ACP-5 Lubricator

Electric, motor-driven cyclic oilers are offered in a variety of fixed discharge times for popular single line resistance centralized lubrication systems. Discharge output is easily adjusted through setting device located in...

LubeSite Adjustable Valve Flow Sight

This cam makes small flow adjustments easier. The lock nut resists vibrations and maintains a preset flow. It has an easy to see lock on/lock off action with spring action to positively control the needle.

LubeSite Chain Oilers

Adjustable drip flow oiler with dispersing brush to extend chain life. Flat & round brushes available.

LubeSite Drip Oilers

Integral needle valve provides operator controlled drip feed rates. Built-in sight feed shows oil flows to bearings.

LubeSite Extension Kit features a bracket to connect to your LubeSite Grease Feeder, nylon tubing and fittings. This design allows for a remote mounting of the LubeSite Grease Feeder up to 6’ Feet.

LubeSite Gravity Feed Oilers

Maintains a controlled oil level in oil lubricated bearings. Also used as an oil level indicator on reservoirs.

Lubesite MCP-5 Lubricator

This manual oiler for SLR systems is available in both left- and right-hand setups.

LubeSite SAVER Oilers

The SAVER line of economical oilers provide a low-cost alternative for those who require performance at a low price and don’t need the security of a metal base.

LubeSite Vented Liquid Level Sight

LubeSite’s accurate way to check liquid level in a closed tank. Both male and female models feature a large window on two sides for easy visual inspection, top venting for vertical mounting and a sight tube which is designed for...

LubeSite Wick Oilers

Delivers precise oil feed to bearings. Various wick densities control flow.

Oil Level Sight Plugs

Oil Level Sight Plugs reflective “bulls eye” surfaces reflect light in the absence of any liquid, allowing liquid levels to be seen easily.

Replacement Brushes

These brushes are designed to replace the brushes used in LubeSite products.

SureShot Lubrication Kit

This manual lubrication kit delivers a positive measured shot of grease to each connected lubrication point through a single manually-fed grease fitting.

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