BM-B Lubricator

A versatile unit that can be used with injectors, series progressive divider valves or dual line systems. It is ideal for medium- and large-sized machinery, with a maximum working pressure is 5800 PSI. The BM-B is a...

BS-B Pump

The BS-B lubricator is used in cases where a lot of lubrication points shall centrally and reliably be supplied with lubricant. In connection with ZV-B distributors, the pump is predominantly used in dual-line lubrication...

Dynamis Lubricator

The Dynamis Lubricator has been developed and designed to serve the user as a multi-function automatic lubricant pump. Thanks to its compact construction and the consistent implementation of the modular system, this pump can be...

Dynamis Maxx Lubricator

Dynamis Maxx Lubricators are electrically driven piston pumps designed for use with series

progressive systems. These lubricators can be fi tted with up to three independent or combined piston

elements providing positive...

L100P Lubricator

The L100P Lubricator is a manual grease pump for Series Progressive systems.

Oil Recirculation System

Oil Recirculating Systems are not only used to pump oil to bearings or gears to lubricate them but also to purge them of wear debris and, if necessary, to remove heat introduced into the oil by power losses due to...

PVB Divider Valve

The PVB divider manifold is designed for small-size series progressive lubrication systems. It is a cost efficient solution for supplying multiple lubrication points with relatively small volumes of oil and grease.

RAILJET Wheel flange lubrication

When underground trains, trams and railway trains run from one station to the next with a low noise level, this is often due to Railjet, the mobile wheel flange lubrication system of BIJURDELIMON. It reduces to a minimum friction...

SC400 Controller

The SC400 Controller is a full featured lubrication control, offering “two plus one” functionality: Two independent lubrication zones may be programmed with a single controller, plus control of one automatic reservoir fill system.

StaTrack 1000

StaTrack pump cabinets are employed in stationary track lubrication systems and represent the basic equipment for applying a special rail lubricant to the running surface of the rail heads, the flanks of the guard or side rails...

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