The Air-Oil Injector Block Assembly is available with one to eight Positive Displacement Injectors(PDI). Each outlet has an individual air fl ow needle valve. These blocks deliver a precise amount of oil into a controlled air fl...

Airmatic Lubricator

Adaptable air operated unit can be used with all centralized lubrication types. Ideal for all sizes of machinery.

BL Lubricator

The BL Lubricator is a motor driven gear pump available with either a 12 or 24 VDC motor. These lubricators are fitted to 3 liter reservoirs and are designed primarily for use with mobile equipment. BL Lubricators are normally...

Brush Assemblies

Brush assemblies are suitable for lubricating various moving machine components and are ideal for low-heat applications.

CSK Lubricator

Designed for grease lubrication and driven by a DC motor, this lubricator is ideal for single line systems. There is a built-in controller which controls the pump to delivers the rated amount of lubricant to the lubrication point...

CXL Injectors & Manifolds

Designed for use in single line high pressure automatic grease systems, CXL2 Injectors deliver precise volumes of lubricant at predetermined intervals.

DS Series Lubricator

The DS Series motorized oil/grease pumps are piston discharge pumps driven by DC motor, controlled by a controller or PLC (not included). The DS pump has small-volume, large-output flow and power-off load relieving functions. It...

Dynamis Maxx Lubricator

Dynamis Maxx Lubricators are electrically driven piston pumps designed for use with series

progressive systems. These lubricators can be fi tted with up to three independent or combined piston

elements providing positive...

G Lubricator (Mini)

The Mini G Lubricator is a push type piston pump and is operated by an external eccentric cam.

GPO Lubricator

The GPO Lubricator is a motor-driven gear pump that is designed for use with single line centralized lubricating systems utilizing progressive distributors or injectors. Standard features include: liquid level indicator, pressure...

HAP-P Lubricators

Push lever piston pump that develops significant discharge pressures to handle medium & large machinery.

High Pressure Filter

The bowl and filter elements can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement.

HIP-P Lubricator

Pull handle piston pump. Adjustable outputs to adapt to various individual machines.

HyperFormance Panel

System delivers high-efficiency lubrication and cooling for high-speed spindles and other surfaces requiring accurate oil deliveries.

HyperFormance Chain Pin System (part #32496-1)

The HyperFormance Chain Pin System is an economical lubricator package that delivers precise oil droplets to chain pins for improved machine performance.

DSP Series Lubricators

The JS/JSP Series Lubricator motorized oil/grease pumps are piston discharge pumps driven by DC motor, controlled by a controller or PLC

Progressive/SLR and PDI versions are available.

KI Lubricator

The KI Lubricator one-shot lubricating system is pre-set by the machine manufacturer for best operation. These lubricators are spring discharge piston pumps mounted in a reservoir on the machine. Pulling out the tee handle to...

L100P Lubricator

The L100P Lubricator is a manual grease pump for Series Progressive systems.

L13 Lubricator

Perfectly suited for use with Positive Displacement Injector (PDI) systems. A single action manual piston pump with a robust plastic reservoir.

L18P Lubricator

High output push level adjustable piston pump. Handles up to 100 lube points.

L2P Lubricator

Pull action, fixed output piston pump. Avaliable for machine sump mounting or supplied complete with reservoir.

L5H Lubricator

The L5H Lubricator includes a spring return piston pump. When the tee-handle is fully raised, a predetermined volume of oil fills the cylinder and the pump spring is compressed. Releasing the handle forces oil into the...

XL5P Lubricator

The L5P Lubricator is a manual, one shot lubricator with a 1 pint reservoir.

55105 Lube Point Monitor

The 55105 Lube Point Monitor is an accurate oval gear mechanism that incorporates two magnets into one of the oval gears. The body incorporates a reed switch which senses the magnet passing. Lubricant entering the 55105 causes...

Meter units

Oil proportioning devices for cyclic systems.

MPA Micro Pump

The MPA micro pump is a pneumatically operated miniature piston pump used to deliver lubricant in small, metered quantities.

MultiPort Lubricator

Self-contained electric motor driven pump. Up to 3 outlets, adapts to all types of centralized grease systems.

MultiPort Mobile Lubricator

With a small installation footprint, this lubricator is a robust and economical solution for mobile equipment. With a small installation footprint, this lubricator is a robust and economical solution for mobile equipment.

Oil Streak products

The new line of Oil Streak air-oil systems by Bijur Delimon combine the best of all worlds in a clean looking, precise, simple to use "plug & play" format, designed to outperform all competition in your most demanding high speed...

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are used as a convenient means of indicating pressure developed in the distribution system.

PVB Mobile Divider Valve

Accurately meters and dispenses lubricant to as many as 20 outlet lines at operating pressures up to 3600 psi, for mobile applications.

Quick Connect Meter Units

Quick Connect Meter Units are oil proportioning devices for cyclic systems. Each outlet of a lubricating system is controlled by a meter unit.

Replacement Brushes

These brushes are designed to replace the brushes used in LubeSite products.


Air operated vacuum or gravity fed device collects leaking fluids from hydraulic seals and other moving points. Fluids are collected to a central reservoir for disposal or reuse. Models available for single or multiple point...

SC400 Controller

The SC400 Controller is a full featured lubrication control, offering “two plus one” functionality: Two independent lubrication zones may be programmed with a single controller, plus control of one automatic reservoir fill system.

SMAC Controller

The SMAC Controller is a multi-purpose programmable controller used with industrial lubrication systems.

SMC Controller

Electric controller with various timer and count based models available. This controller has the ability to detect abnormal operating situations.

SMDC Controller

The SMDC Controller is a multi-purpose programmable controller used with on-board mobile lubrication systems.

SureMatic Lubricator

Adjustable output, pneumatic operated pump handles semi-fluid, soft & firm greases up to NLGI No. 2.

TM-1 Lubricator

TM-1 Lubricators are used with single line resistance type centralized lubricating systems. These systems utilize cyclic delivery meter units to proportion oil discharged from the lubricator.

TM-5 Lubricator

Fixed discharge cyclic pump, electric motor driven, compact unit incorporates adjustable discharge. Ideal for small machines - easily handles up to 10 or 50 lube points.

TMD-5 Lubricator

Fixed discharge cyclic pump, electric motor-driven units available in various reservoir capacities, broad range of cycle times offered, up to 30 lube points.

TTN Lubricator

TTN Lubricators are ideally suited for both on-road transport vehicles and off-road mobile machinery such as loaders, excavators, articulated trucks, graders, etc. These lubricators are designed to work in hostile conditions...

V3 Lubricator

A continuous delivery motor-driven gear pump ideal in single line resistance systems.

V5 Series Lubricator

Continuous output motor-driven gear pump with built-in by-pass valve is easily adjusted to meet the lube needs of a broad range of machinery.

VXLO Injector

The VXLO Injector meters and displaces positive volumes of lubricant to individual lubrication points. Each injector in a system is independent of each other.

Z Series Injectors

Z Series Injectors deliver a fixed pre-measured quantity of lubricant at the outlet connection during each discharge cycle.

ZEM Injector

The ZEM Series of positive displacement injectors (PDIs) delivers precise and controlled lubrication outputs that meet exact requirements for diverse applications.

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