The MultiPort II Lubricator is an electrically driven multiple outlet lubrication unit designed primarily for use with positive displacement injector (PDI) systems. These lubricators are available with 12 & 24 V DC motors which...

AeroFlow Lubricators are pneumatically actuated piston pumps designed for use with single line parallel injector systems. These lubricators are normally connected to the compressed air supply found on the machinery or vehicle...

Airmatic Pump

A pneumatic pump designed, depending on the version, to feed oil to Bijur's resistance (SLR) or volumetric (PDI) lubrication systems.

The Series Airmax air-oil system is a compact system to use in applications like spindle, chain or linear guide lubrication.

AVH Air/Oil mixing block

The air oil blocks type AVH are designed, amongst other applications for high speed spindle lubrication. Bijur air oil injectors deliver very precise amount of oil during a predetermined cycle time. A measured dose of oil is...

CXL Injectors

Designed for use in single line high pressure automatic grease systems, CXL Injectors deliver precise volumes of lubricant at predetermined intervals. Injectors are normally mounted in manifolds in close proximity to the points...

Pressurized dispensing system

The L100P manual grease pump mainly

composes a aluminum pump body and a heattreated

steel piston which is driven by a vertical

hand lever. Push down the lever, pump sucks,

push back, the pump delivery grease to the outlet.

LubeSite—the Systematic Approach to Single-Point Lubrication

Grease and oil lubrication are critical parts of maintenance in any industrial operation. Proper lubrication saves a tremendous amount of money by reducing equipment...

Multiport Pump

The multiport electrical grease pump is designed to feed progressive lubrication systems. It can be supplied with 1, 2 or 3 discharge elements with fixed or adjustable outputs. Differents voltages are available: continuous,...

Oil Streak Sensor (Master unit and 2 slave units)

The Oil Streak Sensor is designed to detect oil traces in the air tube, down to 5mm3/min. The product has been designed using a master and slave concept.

AOP Air/Oil panel

Bijur’s high performance Air / Oil Lubricating system delivers high-efficiency lubrication and cooling for highspeed spindles and other surfaces requiring precise lubrication. The advance design delivers precise amounts of...

The PulseFire lubricator is a hydraulically operated, spring return, piston pump. It is operated from the hydraulics of the host machine, and is typically plumbed into the line of a hydraulic actuator which is operated regularly...

The injector type SJM (indirect action) are perfectly

adapted for use with the volumetric system (PDI) in

cyclic systems. It determines a fixed

predetermined quantity for each discharge cycle.

One, three and five outlet die...

Sure 881 Pump

The SURE 881 is a pneumatically operated piston pump intended for use in progressive lubricating systems. The pump is capable of flow rates of 85 cc/min up to 196 bar pressure. It may be used with greases from #000 to #1. The...

SureFire II

The SureFire II Lubricator is an automatic, robust and durable pump. Its compact size is designed to fit your space requirements and lubrication demands. The SureFire II Lubricator is a self-contained electric motor-driven gear...


The SUREMATIC lubricator is designed for a single line progressive system with oil or grease lubricants. A piston discharge pump air actuated which comprises a low level switch, a grease nipple to refill the reservoir for the...

TM-1 Pump

The TM-1 pump has a field of applications but is particulary suited to small machines with no more than about 20 lubrication points. The TM-1 pump is interchangeable with the manual XL5P giving customers the ability to change...

The TM5 pump has a wild field of applications but is

particularly suited to small machines with no more than

about 50 lubrication points (see technical information).

The TM5 pump is interchangeable with the manual


TMD-5 Pump

The wide field of applications for the TMD-5 pump is particularly ideal for machines having up to around 50 lubrication points. The TMD-5 is interchangeable with the L18P convenient for customers wishing to change from an...

Versa III Pump

The VERSA III pump is an electrically operated gear pump intended for use in volumetric type (PDI) centralised lubrication systems. This compact unit comes with a 2L or 4L reservoir, has a low level switch and an oil pressure...

ZEM Injector

The ZEM Series injectors are positive displacement injectors (PDIs) that deliver

precise and controlled lubrication outputs, meeting exact requirements for diverse applications. They are pre-fixed volumetric injectors that...

ZV-B Distributor

The distributors ZV-B are used for dual-line central lubrication systems for grease and for oil. Their function is to meter the lubricant and to press it through the lines to the lubrication points independently of back pressure.

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