System description : Spray Lubrication Systems

System description : Spray Lubrication Systems


The spraying lubrication is used where lubricating greases, lubricating oils or even adhesive lubricants need to be applied in an even, metered and selective manner due to user-specific and function-related requirements.

The spraying lubrication allows reductions of up to 50% in the quantities consumed, which is significantly beneficial in terms of the disposal of lubricant and the associated costs. In particular this lubrication system is used in the area of heavy-duty gearing (e.g. drives for rotary kilns, cement mills, coal mills, mixing drums etc.).

Outstanding features

  • Metering and apportioning of the lubricant volume to the spray points are effected by progressive distributors.
  • The compressed air used for the actuation of the pump is the same as that used for spraying.
  • The use of mixing segments allows the dispensation of a metered quantity of lubricant to the friction points over an adjustable period of time. In case of gear spray lubrication systems, the lubricant once supplied is thus spread on a greatest possible number of teeth of the pinion.
  • With the help of the limit switch, which is attached to the progressive distributor, the delivery of grease and the correct mode of working of the distributor are monitored simultaneously.
  • The pressure switches monitor the minimum air pressure required for spraying as well as the unhindered flow of the spray mixture out of the nozzles.
  • The electric control system is of a simple design and a clear arrangement.

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