System descriptipn : Oil Reclassifying Systems

System descriptipn : Oil Reclassifying Systems

Mode of operation

In a microfog oiler, oil is torn to small ultimate particles (oil mist) in a venturi nozzle with the help of compressed air. The low weight of these particles allows their transport even via a large, branched network of pipes due to the continously flowing compressed air. Nozzles at the lubrication point cause the oil-air flow to accelerate, and on this occasion, the very small oil droplets are reclassified to big, lubricating drops. Due to modern heavy-duty reclassifier nozzles (DP 2 218 293) with sphere packing and multiple reclassifying effect it is possible to conceive environment-friendly systems ensuring a residual oil content of up to 1% for the air escaping at the bearing. Suitable for small to large systems.

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