System description : Oil Re-circulation Systems

System description : Oil Re-circulation Systems


Lubricating oil recirculation systems with the progressive distributors ZP- forcibly feed up to about one hundred lubrication points successively with little fixed quantities of oil – even against high pressure.

The lubricating process for all connected lubrication points recurs as long as the pump supplies oil to the lubricant distributors. The oil running off from the lubrication points is led back into the oil tank and brough into circulation again.

Example of application

Gears, paper machines, punching machine, presses, machine tools.

Outstanding features

  • Exact metering for each lubrication point
  • Reliable lubrication even of lubrication points with high counterpressures as well as remote lubrication points
  • Low investment costs, little line cross sections
  • Short pause times
  • Easy monitoring of functioning
  • Compact design of the distributors

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