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Exitus acta probat - der Ausgang rechtfertigt das Vollbrachte. (Ovid)

BIJUR, DELIMON and Denco Lubrication, DELIMON Cooling, Farval, LubeSite and Lubrimonsa. These are companies with proud names and a history of tradition.

These companies have built a roof with the names BIJUR DELIMON and under this roof we see ourselves as being on a time line. We have accomplished significant joint projects in the past and we have a lot more ahead of us. Acting in the interest of our customers, to whom we want to be a competent partner in the areas of central lubrication and cooling, our motto is to provide everything from one source, to be a "One-Stop Shop".

Our brands

  • Bijur
  • Delimon
  • Farval
  • LubeSite Systems, Inc.
  • Delimon Denco Lubrications