Brush Assemblies

Brush assemblies are suitable for lubricating various moving machine components and are ideal for low-heat applications.

DC41 Stations

DC41 stations have been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of heavy industry. They can supply either oil or grease to such installations as bar mills, billet mills, blast furnaces and sintering machines.

55105 Lube Point Monitor

The 55105 Lube Point Monitor is an accurate oval gear mechanism that incorporates two magnets into one of the oval gears. The body incorporates a reed switch which senses the magnet passing. Lubricant entering the 55105 causes...

RAILJET Wheel flange lubrication

When underground trains, trams and railway trains run from one station to the next with a low noise level, this is often due to Railjet, the mobile wheel flange lubrication system of BIJURDELIMON. It reduces to a minimum friction...

Replacement Brushes

These brushes are designed to replace the brushes used in LubeSite products.

StaTrack 1000

StaTrack pump cabinets are employed in stationary track lubrication systems and represent the basic equipment for applying a special rail lubricant to the running surface of the rail heads, the flanks of the guard or side rails...

VXLO Injector

The VXLO Injector meters and displaces positive volumes of lubricant to individual lubrication points. Each injector in a system is independent of each other.

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