The Air-Oil Injector Block Assembly is available with one to eight Positive Displacement Injectors(PDI). Each outlet has an individual air fl ow needle valve. These blocks deliver a precise amount of oil into a controlled air fl...

DC36 Stations

DC36 stations store, control and supply the lubricant to systems. The lubricant must be oil with a viscosity of not greater than 1900 SSU at 100 degrees F. DC36 stations can be used in systems that service equipment requiring oil...

The DS405 is designed to monitor automatic oil or grease lubrication systems and is ideally suited to be used with our Lube Point Monitor (55105).

G Lubricator

The Type G lubricator is a sealed piston pump that can be fed from an independent oil reservoir.

G Lubricator (Mini)

The Mini G Lubricator is a push type piston pump and is operated by an external eccentric cam.

HyperFormance Chain Pin System (part #32496-1)

The HyperFormance Chain Pin System is an economical lubricator package that delivers precise oil droplets to chain pins for improved machine performance.

55105 Lube Point Monitor

The 55105 Lube Point Monitor is an accurate oval gear mechanism that incorporates two magnets into one of the oval gears. The body incorporates a reed switch which senses the magnet passing. Lubricant entering the 55105 causes...

Quick Connect Meter Units

Quick Connect Meter Units are oil proportioning devices for cyclic systems. Each outlet of a lubricating system is controlled by a meter unit.

SC400 Controller

The SC400 Controller is a full featured lubrication control, offering “two plus one” functionality: Two independent lubrication zones may be programmed with a single controller, plus control of one automatic reservoir fill system.

VXLO Injector

The VXLO Injector meters and displaces positive volumes of lubricant to individual lubrication points. Each injector in a system is independent of each other.

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