Industrial solutions for the 21st century: Total Lubrication Management (TLM)

Industrial solutions for the 21st century: Total Lubrication Management (TLM)

Where Mechanical Engineering meets Fluid Engineering

Bijur Delimon International has developed a ‘Total Lubrication Management’ (TLM) programme that ensures optimum use of lubricants & also delivers various levels of service tailored to a customers needs.

Lubricants are a valuable resource that have to be utilised to their full potential & only when their lubricant qualities have been exhausted, are they re-cycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Application of lubricants in measured quantities at specific times is the corner stone for optimising machine performance. This can only be achieved by an effective lubrication programme, delivered by a dedicated team of lubrication engineers, using an interactive electronic scheduling system.

Our Objectives / Your Benefits

  • Listen to our customers & provide the service they require 
  • Responsible lubricant use & waste disposal 
  • Reduce volume of lubricants purchased / Replaced 
  • Increase machine availability, service life & reliability 
  • Provide a lubrication resource centre for customers  
  • Assist customers with their initiatives / responsibilities e.g. reduction in energy usage

How can TLM do this?

  • Technical Desk – provides technical assistance on all lubrication issues, from product selection, compatibility, lubrication & cooling systems, installation, service, equipment & spares
  • Technical Assistance (Tech Assist) – a mobile onsite service where our Lubrication Engineers are available to complete a range of services from full site surveys / audits or individual machine assessments, to monthly routine lubrication & oil sample collection
  • Full TLM onsite services, where our personnel manage all lubrication issues & provide a ‘cradle to grave’ lubricant service. This includes application, documentation, monitoring, efficient stock control, storage, waste management, care of lubricants & continuous improvement. It also includes the full range of additional services we provide

    Additional Services

    • Environmental / Safety Audits
    • Legislation Watch (Health, Safety & Environment)
    • Liaison with group, strategic partners & OEM’s, to provide specialist services e.g. oil analysis & filtration services

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