Cooling Water Systems

Cooling Water Systems

Using mains water for industrial process cooling is an expensive and wasteful use of a valuable resource. Mains water has corrosive properties due to entrapped air and dissolved chemicals and seasonal fluctuations in supply temperature can cause problems in many industrial processes. Installing a Bijur Delimon International cooling water system will reduce operating costs, water! sewerage charges and corrosion problems, increase equipment life and at the same time, by having a close control of the cooling water temperalure, will increase output by producing fewer component rejects.

A Bijur Delimon International cooling water system will consist of a pumping station, a cooler to dissipate the heat load, interconnecting pipework and an electrical control panel to monitor and regulate the operation of the pumping station and cooler.

The type of cooler is dependent on the heat load to be dissipated, the ambient temperature at the site and the required supply water temperature.Water chillers using a refrigerant system will cool the water down to below wet bulb ambient (sub zero temperatures if necessary). Evaporative coolers will cool the water down to 4°C above wet bulb ambient (6°C below dry bulb ambienl) temperatures. Dry air coolers will cool the water down to 4°C above dry bulb ambient temperatures.

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