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DDM/SDM Modular divider

Measuring valves are the essence of dualine lubrication systems. They are munted close to the lubrication points and hydraulically operated by pressure from the first and then the second of the two supply lines. On each...

DDU Dividers

Two ranges of line mounting adjustable metering units for use with a dualine system, which discharge a fixed volume of lubricant to half the lubrication points on pressurisation of one line and to the remaining points on...

DM measuring valve

A range of line mounted, adjustable metering units for use with dualine lubrication systems, whereby pressurisation of either line discharges a fixed volume of lubricant to the lubrication point.

FD Divider valve

FD valves are designed for use with progressive oil or grease lubrication systems. They are of two pieces, steel construction with viton o-ring seals. FD valves will serve 2, 3, 4 or 6 points of lubrication.

M2500 Valves Dividers

The M2500 series dividers are perfectly adapted for use in Bijur Farval progressive lubrication systems. The modular construction makes the system easy to install, and can be modified and maintained without removing any tubing....

MA-1 Manifold Adaptor

Three ranges of piping adaptors suitable for mounting the modular measuring valves, DDM1, SDM1, DDM5, SDM5, DDM15 and SDM15.

PV-B Distributor

The distributors type PVB in building-block design are applied in small-size progressive lubrication systems representing a cost-saving and efficient solution for central supply of lubricating points with relatively small...

U-Block Divider Valve

U-Block divider valves are specially designed for use in progressive lubrication systems. Several outlet configurations are available that allow you to tailor the divider valve to your lubrication specifications.

ZP-A Distributor

The major element of a progressive system is the lubricant distributor. Distributors ZP-A are used to divide and meter lubricant in total loss central lubrication systems (oil, liquid grease and grease) and in oil recirculation...

ZP-A/G Distributor

Progressive group-lubrication distributors ZP-A/G are used in group lubrication systems where a lot of machines or plants, which are either of the same kind or similar to each other and erected in a hall, have to be supplied with...

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