M2500 Valves Dividers


The M2500 series dividers are perfectly adapted for use in Bijur Farval progressive lubrication systems. The modular construction makes the system easy to install, and can be modified and maintained without removing any tubing. Operation of all valves in the system can be monitored by a single cycle indicator switchl Up to 20 bearings can be lubricated from one divider and up to 20 dividers can ba included in a system.

Zone control valves can be used to build a system of any size and can be divided into individually controlled and monitored zones. This permits varied cycle times, quick trouble-shooting and easy maintenance.


Each metering segment of progressive divider comprises a piston which divides the lubricant volume has been delivered under pressure. When the system is pressurised, pistons are positively displaced in sequence one after the other until the cycle is complete at all outlets, having discharged the full metered volume of lubricant. The progressive divider will keep recycling as long as lubricant is beeing delivered from the pump.

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