DDU/DDJ Dividers


Two ranges of line mounting adjustable metering units for use with a dualine system, which discharge a fixed volume of lubricant to half the lubrication points on pressurisation of one line and to the remaining points on pressurisation of the second line.


  • each measuring valve can have from one to four independent operating sections
  • two normal discharge connections for each operating section reduce the overall cost of the system
  • any section of the valve can be modified to one discharge, allowing a double sized discharge or an odd number of outlets on the valve
  • wide stepless adjustment bands for each size of valve allow optimum lubrication delivery to every bearing
  • positive hydraulic operation with visible indicator of operation

Our brands

  • Bijur
  • Delimon
  • Farval
  • LubeSite Systems, Inc.
  • Delimon Denco Lubrications