Distribution Elements

Distribution Elements

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MA-1 Manifold Adaptor

Three ranges of piping adaptors suitable for mounting the modular measuring valves, DDM1, SDM1, DDM5, SDM5, DDM15 and SDM15.

PPC Injector

Dipensing valves type PPV are perfectly adapted to supply a fixed amount of lubricant with high accuracy before to assemble small components as for instance, brakes, electrical wire connectors, door locks, roller bearingsā€¦The...

PV-B Distributor

The distributors type PVB in building-block design are applied in small-size progressive lubrication systems representing a cost-saving and efficient solution for central supply of lubricating points with relatively small...

The injector type SJM (indirect action) are perfectly adapted for use with the volumetric system (PDI) in cyclic systems. It determines a fixed predetermined quantity for each discharge cycle. One, three and five outlet die cast...

U-Block Divider Valve

U-Block divider valves are specially designed for use in progressive lubrication systems. Several outlet configurations are available that allow you to tailor the divider valve to your lubrication specifications.

ZDM Direct Mount Injector

The ZDM Series injectors are positive displacement injectors (PDIs) that deliver precise and controlled lubrication outputs, meeting the exact requirements for applications. They are pre-detremined volumetric injectors that...

ZEE Distributor

The ZEE lubricant metering elements are designed for single - line centralized lubrication systems. The quantity of lubricant to be metered is delivered after each pressure stroke. Its metering is precise. With this distributor,...

ZEM Volumetric Injector

The injectors type ZEM (direct action) are perfectly adapted for use with volumetric system (PDI) for diverse applications.Their precise delivery and predetermined quantity helps ensure each lubrication point receives the proper...

ZP-A Distributor

The major element of a progressive system is the lubricant distributor. Distributors ZP-A are used to divide and meter lubricant in total loss central lubrication systems (oil, liquid grease and grease) and in oil recirculation...

ZP-A/G Distributor

Progressive group-lubrication distributors ZP-A/G are used in group lubrication systems where a lot of machines or plants, which are either of the same kind or similar to each other and erected in a hall, have to be supplied with...

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